Monday, May 17, 2010

New Blog!!!

Want to know what I've been working on for the last two weeks? Go here.

I will still be doing all of the other crafting and sewing. I just needed to try something different. Something that is more me. Something that I wish I had been doing all along. (Funny how that happens, isn't it?) Anyway this is a new venture for me, an off-shoot of Sew Sweet Fabric Confections. A way in which to showcase my talent, my love for Halloween and ghost stories and Edgar Allen Poe, and my need to be an artist again. Something was missing, now it is found!

I hope you enjoy my new adventure. I've been having so much fun creating this small sampling of what I have in store.

FYI, the Sew Creepy blog will strictly be a selling blog that will link to my Sew Creepy Confections Etsy shop. I will only post when I have a new piece to add to the collection. This blog, Sew Sweet Fabric Confections, will run as usual.


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