Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Update

This post will be dedicated to updating you on the Crane homestead.

First, we have the tree branch from we-don't-know-where that joined our family a couple of weekends ago. The boys have become quite attached to it and I fear that when Daddy finally breaks out the chainsaw there will be tears. (I will not be crying. It's time for that thing to go!)

Now for the garden. First we have a lovely pic of my wee lilac bush that I planted last year. It is right behind my first garden bed so when I'm out there workin' the fields it smells just delicious. It actually makes my mouth water. Yum!

Here we have a potato plant. Last year I tried to grow potatoes using my own, store-bought potatoes and nothing happened. (Actually something did grow that I thought was a potato plant-to-be but was probably a weed. A well tended and loved weed.) This year we found out that grocery store potatoes are treated so that they cannot be used as seed potatoes. I bought actual seed potatoes and here we are! Such a pretty, little thing!

Here is some spinach and kale.

Here is a whole lot of stuff. Saturday night we consumed our entire crop of radishes, thus the empty square second down on the left. They were very good and I will be planting a second crop in a day or two.

And here are my pea plants. Love them!

Now for coop news.

Here we have Asher setting up theater seating for those interested in getting covered in saw dust.

No takers.

And here we have the Crane men-folk hard at work building a home for our chicks.

That nail took most of the evening to get itself hammered in. What a trooper!

And here are the lucky ladies themselves!

Yu-ummm! I mean, aren't they cute!

And our egg-layers to be...

So, last night I was noticing a couple of the meat hens were looking a little different from the others. Then I noticed the song from the movie "The Crying Game" started playing in my head. Ah, Dave? I called out. I think a couple of our ladies are actually laddies. They all taste the same, says Dave. So sensitive! First thing I think of is that there needs to be some name changing. So, we are now the proud owners of: Lady Catherine and her daughter, Anne (the small one that always looked weak-ish), Mr. George Wickham (the cad), and Mr. and Mrs. Elton (snobs).

Now for lunch! Enjoy your day!

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