Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey, there!

It is sooooooo hot!!!!!! When will fall be here? Seriously, it isn't even summer yet and I am ready for it to end. I can't handle the heat. Not at all. Okay, so that's the weather.

What else has been going on?

Chickens. We are slowly getting the coup built. Because it is soooooo hot (see above) it is slow going. Poor Dave. He's such a trooper dealing with the crazy heat and his crazier wife. We are going to try to get it "finished" this weekend. Mean while we've moved some of the birds out to the back yard so they won't feel soooooo hot and crowded in this heat.

Garden. Is a-growin'! Wow! We had a bunch of rain before it got sooooooo hot and, even if I'm not loving it, my veggies are! We've been eating lettuce and spinach. Thy Hand has posted about freezing spinach which I think I will try this week. All that is left to plant is watermelon, basil and some more leaf lettuce and maybe more spinach. I'm not very happy with the carrots, so I think I'm going to replant those in the spots where they did not come through.

Anniversary. The ninth to be exact. Dave took Monday off and we got to hang out together, redhead in tow. It was a nice, easy day but soooooo hot. I'm sure we didn't look like we were celebrating our anniversary. It was too hot to be close to anyone I don't care what day it is.

Swag Bucks. Go here for a better explanation. It is basically an opportunity to earn a little money doing what I do throughout the day- searching on the computer. It is pretty basic, you just down load the Swag Bucks tool bar and do all of your searches through them. Every once in a while you get Swag Bucks. As you collect Swag Bucks you can turn them in for stuff. You can also get Swag Bucks by purchasing through them, filling out questionaires, watching videos, find secret codes, etc. Anyway, my goal is to save up Swag Bucks for gift cards to pay for Christmas.

T.V. Wow! What a couple of weeks in T.V. land. I finished the 3rd season of Doc Martin which threw me into a deep depression. My parents have told me to hang in there as they have seen most of the 4th season. Grey's Anatomy's finale put me into adrenalin overload. Castle broke my heart. Lost, oh, Lost... I laughed, I cried... Sigh.... More finales to come. Oy!

Hockey. That being the greatest sport in the history of mankind. And the Philadelphia Flyers, being the greatest team in the history of hockey. And officially the greatest hockey team in the Eastern Conference 2009/2010. I'm so proud! Go Flyers! Knock some more teeth out of the mouths of those Chicago Black Hawks!

Books. Just finished "Double Comfort Safari Club", part of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. If you haven't ready any of these books, you should. They are good for your soul. And, you'll fall in love with Botswana and want to move there!

Sewing. I have been really enjoying my creepy creations. I've been doing a lot more drawing because of this and I love that! I've been working on a series inspired by beauty pageants. I've been creating contestants for an autumn-themed pageant. So far there is a Miss Pumpkin Patch, Miss Sunflower Blossom and I am currently working on Miss Harvest Moon. Waiting in the wings is Miss Halloween in Black & White.

That's it in a rather large nut shell. I'm off to find a cool spot to sit and sew while little ones nap. Enjoy your day!

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