Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look at this...

Look what my friend, Susan, brought me for a treat. There's chocolate mousse underneath all that pretty fruit. Thank you, Susan!

And, here is my pile of 'stuff' for the craft shoe on Saturday and Sunday. Our load-in time is 6:00 am Saturday morning. Ugh!

And, here is today's project. It is from The Sampler Girls book of Christmas cross stitch patterns. It is the first line of Longfellow's poem "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day". I'm having lots of fun with this one.

It's an odd day here in Lansing. This morning was so dark I wondered if I'd ever be able to turn off the lights. Now, it is bright and sunny out. Michigan weather. Go figure!

I did some grocery shopping this morning. I also bought some more stocking stuffers. I think I have a problem. I've got to stop buying stocking stuffers. Anyone getting a stocking from me should stop eating anything sweet now! (Oh my gosh! I just bit into the pastry shell and it is lined in chocolate!) I know I come by my stocking issue naturally. Our Christmas stockings, when we were kids, over flowed with all sorts of treats. So much so that they were usually propped up against a paper grocery bag filled with the over-flow. (This pastry is DIVINE!!!!)

Okay, gotta focus here. I'm quickly headed for a sugar coma:) So, I'm going to sign off and clean myself up. My hands and face are covered with chocolate mousse.

Enjoy your day!

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