Monday, March 3, 2014

Nathanael's Birthday

February. What a month! It's short, but soooo long (especially when you live in Michigan). Regardless of what kind of weather February brings, there was a special gift that I got in February, eleven years ago- my first baby, my son, Nathanael. His big blue eyes, his great smile and even greater laugh, his freckles that multiply while he sleeps, has made February a very, sweet month!

On the 20th we celebrated his eleventh birthday. Eleven!

 He's only two inches shy of five feet tall!

Brotherly love. Ahhhh!

Look at Asher! He's totally checking out his gift to Nathanael 
while getting a thankful hug from his brother.

I just love this picture! A boy and his Legos.

The finished product.


We had a great day together: brownies at school to share with his class, dinner out, cake at home, Legos everywhere! Dave and I were both getting sick (thanks to the birthday boy) so we were a tad subdued. The boys had fun checking out Nathanael's gifts while we sickies watched.

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