Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just so you know that I haven't passed away (yet)...

This is just a quick "hey there!" to let you know that I am still around.

I haven't been willing or able to blog lately because:

* I started potty training Asher a little over two weeks ago and so my conversation is limited to "Do you have to go potty?" I'm sure that that is all any post would have been about at the beginning. As a matter of fact, we all had potty-on-the-brain so much that if Asher wasn't on the potty, Nat. and I were.

* I got the flu. From where I don't know but it kicked my butt!!!!! I had two days of 102/103 fevers. Two nights without sleep. Killer head aches, body aches and stomach aches. So bad I had to beg my husband to stay home and watch the kids. All this started two days after starting to potty train poor Asher. Oy! the timing!!! Anyway, it has been two weeks and one day since the first fever and I am finally on the mend. I still feel really wiped out but I am also ready to get on with my life! During all of this I just didn't have any desire to get on the computer. Thus the silence.

* Because of the above nightmare, I feel and know that my home and family have been sorely neglected. So, each day I've been trying to do a little catch up and get back to feeling 'normal'. The computer, again, was not much of a priority.

* Other things preoccupying my time: a luscious, voluptuous, vegetable garden, starved-for-attention, young chickens, random 'accidents' to mop up, an ever-looming, fast-approaching craft show the beginning of August. And strawberries. We picked 21 lbs. (WHAT!!!) on Sunday and I have been (will be) processing strawberries ever since.

* I didn't do too much sewing while I was sick, the headaches kept any desire to concentrate, or even think, at bay. However, the needle is threaded and these nimble (ha!) fingers are stitching away. I'll post some of my progress soon.

That is the long and the short of it! I'm going to do some reading with Nat. now. Enjoy your Tuesday and I promise I will post again soon!


  1. How is everything going? Is Asher in big boy undies? Are you feeling better? Hoping so:-).

  2. I'm doing great now- thank you for asking. Just very busy! That two weeks of being sick has thrown me and my home off so I'm still feeling a bit behind. Asher is in pull-ups and doing okay with the potty training. All of the inconsistency was stressing the both of us so I have decided to revisit intense potty training at the end of August. The garden and chickens are thriving (almost beyond my control) and they both are keeping me busy! I've also got craft shows coming up. Some days my head spins a little but I'm hanging in there. :)

  3. WOW, I did not know you were sick!! I am glad you are better!! You have CHICKENS?? WHAT?? I hope all is going well with the potty training, I know how that is :) XO!

  4. I'm all better, Debbie, thanks for asking! More than anything it threw me off- with summer starting and potty training, etc. Yes, we have chickens and soon they shall be giving us eggs!!! We also had some others that now reside in our freezer. :) I'll be doing a re-do of potty training in a week, after my craft show. Hopefully it'll take this time!


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