Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Would you look at the rain come down!

Here I sit, trying to get caught up on the many, many things I have neglected as the rain falls and the thunder crashes. The boys are in the living room watching an old, black-and-white movie called "Air Force". The dogs (we are babysitting my parents Shorkie) are hiding under the desk and in the bathroom.

(Just had to make a run around the house closing windows. All done while slipping on wet floors, stepping on frightened dogs and being stepped on by "helpful" boys.)

And, just like that, blue skies! Weird!

Anyhoo...as you can see, I have freshened up the look of my little blog here to reflect where I have been, and will be, creatively speaking. Halloween!

I have been doing LOTS lately; as a mom, artist and urban farm chick. If I were to catch you up on everything now, we'd be here a loooong time. I'll fill you in little by little  over the next week or so. In the meantime...

...a wee sneak peak!


  1. Sounds like a day of domestic bliss, I love thunder storms! Fab sneak peek, cant wait to see the rest! ;) (crazy pumpkin head).

  2. Hi, Emma! I hope you are doing okay. When I saw the pictures of London on the news this morning, I thought of you. They looked like something out of a WWII movie!


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