Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sneak Peak

I know I've been missing. Life gets in the way sometimes. But, I'm still here. Amidst all of the mothering, nursing, healing, there has also been a bit of creating. With all that's been going on, my progress has been slow but there has been progress.

My latest project has involved a young lady in red, a gentleman wolf and Jane Austen. There are several 'parts' to my latest project and I feel as if they should all be revealed together. At the same time. And, as I am not finished with each part, I do not want to dole out what is finished. Yet. But, I'd like to share something.

I had decided that I wanted to do the portraits of some fairy-tale notables. There are several fairy tales I'd like to tackle. The first pair to 'sit' for me are Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. But I didn't want to just do a straight forward Red and Wolf. Instead, I kept picturing a bit of a mash-up between this familiar fairy tale and my favorite Jane Austen, "Pride and Prejudice". So, they quickly became Elizabeth Red Riding Hood and Mr. Fitzwilliam d'Wolf.

I wanted to stitch up a portrait of each of them in their Regency finery. I also wanted to created a 'papier portrait' of the two of them together along with an adaptation of a famous letter from Miss Austen's book. The portraits are complete. I have also completed their 'story' thanks to the familiar children's tale and the incredible proposal put forth in "P&P". This whole project has been, in a word, FUN! I cannot wait to share it all with you but I do feel strongly about waiting to share it ALL.

So, in thanks for your patience, here is a bit of a peak...

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